Present your project to our Panel

FocusX Panel is open for public. 

It’s a new format we introduced  where guests can pitch or present their project to FocusX members.

The main purpose is to give you valuable feedback from a non-biased perspective.

The best news? It’s free. 

How does it work?

  • Apply

    We created an onboarding form. With a few questions and info we require. This helps us to prepare a bit better and give more direct feedback instead of winging it on the fly.

  • Setting a date

    All presentations are held every Wednesday. We usually ask to set the date at least 2 weeks in advance ensuring FocusX members enough time to look at your build. There's possibly a longer waiting queue, since we receive quite a lot of applications.

  • Presentation

    The meetup will be held on Zoom. And with permission it will be recorded. But only shared within FocusX, We will send you a copy of the recording in case you want to share it with others or listen to the feedback again.

That’s it!

The presentation is split in 4 main blocks:


  • You introducing yourself and why you build it
  • Providing us a short live demo of the core features
  • Lightning round of feedback, based on the questions you had during the onboarding process
  • Free-for all feedback slot

Topics our panel possibly can cover

Business Acumen
Coding Issues